Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I used to think that I'm quite "independent" as I earn my living expenses with my effort. Juggling between college and part-time job isn't an easy task especially my college life is blended with extra-curricular activities eg: sport events and student council's meetings and events which will be "hunting" me very soon.

BUT, today I find out that how important is "SHE" to me in my life. I was in terrible bad mood with stuff that I'm facing at the moment. Home is the only place which I can release myself from being an "ironic" girl to "immature" girl, I find no way out to express my frustration to my beloved ones- My mother. She forever do not understand what is happening in my school life but with the hot steamed rice, hot soup, delicious food on the dining table and also her "patience and caring" calm me down instantly. At the moment, I realized that without her I'm nothing. She is my core supporter regardless of any conditions. Uncondition love from her, I feel safe and being love although I have to go through many hardships in different aspects. I do not need to go for a counseling session with my mum, her unspoken act has already enough for me to escape from the troublesome and control my bad temper.

I have to admit that I'm a traditional Chinese, I do not know ways to express my appreciation and love to my parents. Hugging or just by saying "I Love You" is not my "style". BUT, I really do love my parents for bringing up who am I today. I learn many values in the education field for being a part-time tuition teacher. It makes me totally understand that every "tears and sweats" of each parent goes through to educate their children. It is a long-life project, no holidays and stand by 24-7. Dad and Mum, both of you did a good job. Thank you, I love you.

Your daughter,
Siew Yan.

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